How to order

It’s this easy.

Purchasing in Pereda Vintage is easy. All you have to do is choose the items you want, send us their SKU codes (they are in the product page, next to the image) with your postal address to We will write you back with the total amount (delivery costs can be checked below in this page) and the bank account details for the transfer. As soon as we receive the amount we will ship the order. We are in Spain, so please be patient with international deliveries.

1. Choose the items you want

2. Send us their SKU codes and your postal address

3. We ship the order right after you make the bank transfer

The SKU code

Each item in this site has its own SKU code, a reference that identifies every article. It’s the easiest way to point a part or accesory you want to purchase. Just send it to us with your postal address and we will write you back with the total (inc. P&P).

Delivery costs:

  • Spain:
  • Europe:
  • United States:
  • Rest of the world: ask