About us

Pereda Vintage

D. Pedro Pereda started his activity in Villarcayo (a small town in the north of Spain) having more than sixty years’ service in the Merindades region. By 1990 he opened another repair and shop point in Medina de Pomar, where the posibility of expand his facilities made the town his main headquarters to this day. And passing on the baton to his successors.


Customer care

Pereda Vintage’s origin it’s the valuable stock that Pereda Motos y Bicicletas has been gathering over the decades. We have a large amount of “New Old Stock” (NOS) parts, some going back to the sixties.


If you have any doubt regarding the parts showcased in this web, want to ask for something you don’t find or just fancy a visit to our facilities, this is our contact info:


Phone: +34 947 19 15 63
E-mail: motospereda.vintage@gmail.com

Physical shop

Pereda Vintage is an iniciative from Pereda Motos y Bicicletas (Pereda Motorcycles and Bikes),  a company with a strong developmente in the sector.

We’re based in Medina de Pomar, part of the Merindades region (Burgos, SPAIN). In our shop you will be able to:

  • See the articles of this web in person and buy them directly (saving P&P costs).
  • Ask for our bicycle service repair.
  • Take the opportunity to take a look to our showroom, with a wide selection of modern motorbikes and bikes, alongside with agricultural and gardening machinery.